• Isotropix Clarisse iFX Introduction Course. ( Arabic Audio only - No subtitles )


    Course Content:



    An introduction to the interface, navigation, layouts and scene management.

    - Layout and custom layouts

    - 3d view

    - The power of Attribute editor

    - Browser, scene organizing and creating project templates

    - image and layers

    - material linker overview

    - image and render settings

    - image view overview

    - save and reference files


    Working with point cloud, scattering and building a city.

    - Point cloud creation and decimation

    - Scattering options

    - Scattering heavy geometry

    - Building a city workshop


    Introduction to materials, textures and Speedtree to Clarisse workflow

    - Standard shader

    - Disney principled shader

    - Dielectric shader

    - Reflection shader

    - Emitter shader

    - Shadow catcher shader

    - Textures, procedural textures and material linker

    - Speedtree workshop


    Overview of the displacement feature, working with animation and alembic files to create crowds

    - Working with displacement

    - Animation and curve editor

    - Pivot and snap options

    - Working with alembic files

    - Controlling time in animated alembic files

    - Crowd creation workshop


    Introduction to lights, render setting, render manager and how to use scripts to automate tasks and working in a smart way

    - Light types

    - Path tracer

    - AOVs

    - Path manager

    - Render manager

    - Useful scripting introduction


    - Large landscape workshop

    Isotropix Clarisse iFX: Introduction